What Cycling Teaches Me By Hue Le – Part 2

Lesson No.4: learn when to speed up, and how to slow down.  

During the journey to conquer mountains, hills, roads, I learn so much learn about life, the most important lesson which I learned so far is: when to speed-up and how to slow down to enjoy beautiful views, smell beautiful flowers or simply just have a good time on my cycling road,like anyone else in this life, I also learn a lot of new things about myself as well as my strengths and my weaknesses points through my cycling days, from there I do my best to gradually improve them. Continue reading


Keep It In Your Mind


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What Cycling Teaches Me By Hue Le – Part 1

In order to be success in life, we all must have to go through many different challenges; each of us will have our own lessons which we could learn from our own mistakes, from our working experience or from our favorite hobbies, sports, same to me. I learned so much from my favorite sport – cycling and my job: travel specialist and trip adviser.

Lesson No.1: Keep balance

I am sure,everyone would agree with me that, in order to be able to bike, we have to create the balance between our body and our bike; otherwise, we can not be able to ride. At the same time, we also need to balance our time, speed, distance, strengths,etc, to make sure that we will get to our final destinations as our plan. Like in life, in order to enjoy my life full fill, I always try to balance my working time and my leisure time, balance between my private life and  my professional life, to be honest, It is not always easy but its worth to practice and keep it in my first priority list. Continue reading