What Cycling Teaches Me By Hue Le – Part 2

Lesson No.4: learn when to speed up, and how to slow down.  

During the journey to conquer mountains, hills, roads, I learn so much learn about life, the most important lesson which I learned so far is: when to speed-up and how to slow down to enjoy beautiful views, smell beautiful flowers or simply just have a good time on my cycling road,like anyone else in this life, I also learn a lot of new things about myself as well as my strengths and my weaknesses points through my cycling days, from there I do my best to gradually improve them.

Lesson No.5: Flexible.

With long-distance cycling, it requires a lot of endurance of my legs, my strengths, the determination of the will, and very flexible as well as physical requirement.This is also a lesson in my daily life; I do my best to be as flexible as I can, in any situation in my profession and private life, cycling to me is the combination of health, physical, and intellectual.

Lesson No. 6:  before give up, look back the road I have been go through and say to myself that: I am almost there, only one more miles, that’s it!

In the conquest there are always many difficulties that I have to overcome, such as: the steep and hilly roads, hot, humid weather or rain, storming days, etc, but it does not matter and even can not stop my journey. No matter how hard it could be but me and my bike always try to get to our final destination because whenever I am going to give up,I say to myself that: I am almost there, only one more miles, that’s it! I just remind myself: how far I have came, what I have faced, all the fears I have overcome and all the battles I have won so far, at that moment, I try to overcome with my passion, and my beliefs. “It’s not the mountain we conquer, it is ourselves”

Lesson No.7: Traveling is my love, cycling is my passion.

I am very fortunate person because I already got to know what I want to do, who I want to be, where I want to go, at very young age; moreover, what I am doing is what I always dream of so I do what I love to do and passion about, this is the best thing is life, I guess. I have amazing team who always fully support and be there for me, they are very creative, super smart and hard working persons, they are my inspirers, I learn so much from each of them, they made my job is more fun and my life is easier, I really enjoy to work and collaborate with them. I love my team as much as I love my job and my cycling days.

September 15th,2013

Noted from white sandy beach, Da Nang, Vietnam

Hue Le

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