Cycling Apps You Must Have For Your Smart Phone


Image The app allows you to track your rides through your iPhone, Android or GPS device to analyze your performance and even pitch it against your friends and competitors.  By playing on cyclists’ competitive nature, the app provides motivation even when you’re training alone.


ImageChoose how you want to commute and the app will map the route for you. The app also includes a useful listing of local bike shops, so that you can always locate one nearby


ImageWhile there are some staunch solo riders, many cyclists enjoy going on rides with their friends.  Rendezvous helps to organize group rides by creating a platform where you can set up a ride, invite people and post messages between ride attendees to finalize the details.



Track your cardio workouts indoors & out with access to over 80 ultra-low power ANT+ fitness and health sensors (see Screenshot #1 and #2 for heart monitor example). Integrate a heart monitor belt, foot pod,speed & cadence sensor, or power meter. Digifit can use Location Services (GPS) to map your routes and provide pace, distance, and speed without sensors.



Is your bike making an odd noise? Is there some part that feels loose or seems broken? Use the “Bike” button in Bike Doctor to bring up a picture of a bicycle, and tap the part of the bike with a problem. You will then see a list of repairs relating to that part of your bicycle.



Spokes NYC is a bicycle routing application designed to generate ideal bike routes with turn by turn directions for New York City cyclists. Other features include a bike rack locator, a bike shop locator, and the ability to report thefts from a given bike rack or location

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