Reasons Why You Should Date A Woman Who Ride A Bicycle

1, She Is An Independent Woman

ImageShe can go to the date by her own bike, this could save you time,money & energy, this is great for a long run 😉


You do not have to driving her to go to shopping & carry her stuffs because she can do that with her own bike


While you are enjoying football match with your best friends, she also know how to enjoy her own life. This means you can have your own space while you can ensure that she(a woman of your life) will be fine with or without you

2, She is Eco-friendly person


She bikes to work


She bikes to exercise


She bike to enjoy her life


And She will keep your fit with weekend ride or make you feel good by surrounding in the nature instead of night clubs/ animal parties, you should be proud of being apart to keep this environment green & clean.

3, She is good in balance

ImageShe will always have time enjoy life with you while she still be able to manage well her professional life. She may keep you in Balance as well 😉

4, She Is Hot & Sexy

ImageShe has amazing legs


And great body

 5, She is strong woman

ImageBeen there, done that,  It takes a lot to make women riders cry


But she is also very sweet

6, And she is crazy/creative somehow


This makes you interesting and want to learn more about your woman.


Please note: all photos just illustrated.

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