An Interview With The Travel Specialist In Nepal – Mr Sauj

Sau, could you tell us how long have you been doing this job?

saujanya b&w jpg

Since I was born with the interest in travelling different places for my own satisfaction and experience I decided to join my father’s Travel Company in early 2008. Since then I have been doing this Job and established my own company with the motive of provide varied, unique experience and vacation to the Global travelers in Nepal.

What do you like the most about your job?


Creating the unique and special trips and implementing it smoothly is the most challenging task to be done which I love about my job.

What do you mean when you said “traveling is my passion”?

My job includes the interaction with the various foreign people with various cultural and historical variances from where I am always learning and loving the new experience I deal with new people. After the completion of the trip the comments and feedback I get after the success of trip from the clients that are always a special moment and happiest moment in my job.

Where is your favorite destination? and why?


Every time I travel, I travel the place like it’s the first time I am visiting the place and this has always helped me to the obtain the fabulous experience in the place I visit. There are various fav places in Nepal which I love the most but apart from that Thailand is one of the fabulous place I have been so far with the various experience from Street Food to Luxurious River Cruise, Stunning Floating Market to Multi branded Shopping Complex, Relaxing in Beach like Ko-Samui to Phi Phi Island, Various water sports in Phuket. Simply I loved the places all around due to its varied experience that Thailand Offers.

What is your dream holiday?

Apart from various dream holidays of mine I would like to mention one of my top list destination which is Italy, where I would love to experience the accommodation in Luxurious Villas and attend events like wine tasting in the Wine Farms.

What Nepal mean to you?


Simply NEPAL can be explained as:

N for Natural – Uniquely Diversified

E for Enigmatic – Mysteries of Gods, Myths and History

P for People and Culture – People Ethnic group, Multi-Lingual, Cultural, religious in Peace.

A for Adventure – Relays Thrills in soul and mind.

L for Luxury – Form every aspect of Luxury

Why people should visit Nepal?

Nepal being the small landlocked country between two huge nations India and China, it can offer the excellent experience to the clients. Nepal Being the land of Himalayas offers the world’s most extreme trekking and walking experience. The diversified culture and nature is what every one of us seeks for.  For the jungle/wild life lovers Nepal offers the excellent jungle safari trips in Nepalese National Park with the Jewels of Rare and endangered creatures of the world Royal Bengal Tigers and One Horned Rhinos only found in Nepal.

What is the best experience Nepal could offer to the world?


Nepal being in top rank for the global trekkers it also enables the luxurious travelers or vacation seekers to enjoy and experience the totally different prospects of Nepal. Nepal can offer City Holiday trips for families with short or long duration, adventures like Paragliding, Parahawking, Bungee Jump, White water rafting, Fishing and newly operated Everest Skydiving or Pokhara Skydiving for the Adventure seekers, World renowned trekking experience for the trekkers, climbing the top highest mountains in the earth could be the dream of Mountaineers or the climbers. Nepal even can offer the romantic holidays and gateways to the couples. An exclusive VIP Luxury Holidays for the people who want to feels the VIP experience in Nepal. Nepal’s Terrain enables the cycling experience and walking experience with wide and varied themes for every traveler’s preference from City Cycling holidays to High Mountain Biking Experience, from road trips in plain terrain to Extreme downhill from High Mountains. Simply Nepal is one destination which will satisfy everyone’s need.

Thank you Sauj,


Thanh Huynh

Media & Marketing Manager Mekong Voyage,Inc.

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