Book List Recommendation

Lonely Planet Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & the Greater Mekong
by Nick Ray


This compact, practical guide, featuring maps and information on history, culture, excursions, accommodations and sightseeing, covers the entire Mekong region from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to Yunnan Province. (S.E.A $24.99)

The Balinese

by John Stephen Lansing


An excellent, brief survey of the geography, prehistory and modern culture and people of Bali. Lansing, one of the foremost authorities on Balinese society, is especially interested in Bali’s remarkable water temples and irrigation systems. (INS69, $61.95)

Bali Lombok Map

by Nelles

This colorful shaded relief map shows Bali and Lobok at a scale of 1:180,000, with inset maps of Ubud, Gili Ilands, Denpasar, Kuta/Legian, Lovina Beach, Ssanur, Nusa Dua and Mataram. Two Sides. 20×36 inches. (INS36, $13.95)

Letters from Thailand, A Novel
by Botan • Susan Fulop Kepner (Translator)
350 PAGES 

A prize-winning novel, first published in 1969 and here newly translated into English. Taking the form of a series of letters back home to his mother, the novel follows the fate of Tan Suang U, a Chinese immigrant in Bangkok at the close of World War II, who marries, raises a family, and runs a successful business. The novel, among its many pleasures, depicts daily life in Bangkok’s thriving Chinatown. (TLD45, $19.95)

Dreaming in Hindi, Coming Awake in Another Language
by Katherine Russell Rich

Katherine Russell Rich skewers the hilarity and challenges of taking on not just a new language but a new culture in this spirited tale of life in Udaipur. A fine writer with a devilish wit, she thanks “all the bank clerks, restaurant personnel, cybercafe owners and rickshaw drivers who, unbidden, jumped in to fine-tune my Hindi every time I turned around and who, in the process, made me love the country even more than I already did.” (IDA565, $14.95)

Odyssey Guide Myanmar

by Caroline Courtauld

A richly illustrated guide to Burma’s culture, history and religion written by a seasoned traveler and Burmese expert. With maps, photographs, well chosen literary excerpts, and an excellent bibliographic essay. Refreshingly direct and engaging. Third edition. (BMA16, $26.95)

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